Human translation is at the heart of everything we do at Honyaku Cloud, so you can connect with your audience in the most intuitive ways possible.

Professional Translation

While we employ the latest technologies in our translation process, human translation is at the heart of everything we do, so you can connect with your audience in the most intuitive ways possible. We offer fast, affordable and scalable translation services with a specialization in English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean, handling handle large-scale projects as well as one-off translations through our the Honyaku Cloud platform.

Every Draft Cross Checked & Quality Assured

Your translation is in good hands. We guarantee that two native speakers will collaborate on translating and reviewing your translation. Learn more about our translation process at How We Translate.

Translation as Collaboration

Human collaboration is the crux of translation. The best translations are made when you and your translators collaborate. Include specific instructions when ordering or include reference materials. We read them all. Human translators may need clarification on the source text, so we may be in contact if questions arise. All questions from translators will appear on the project page and in your email.

Integrated with the World's Best Translation Technologies

Recent technologies offer breakthroughs in the translation process, improving quality and consistency while passing on savings in time and money on to you, which is why we equip our team of professional translators with the best tools in the business. Honyaku Cloud is integrated with Memsource, one of the world's best computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools. We incorporate term bases and translation memories specific to your organization into every translation. Our machine translation capabilities are powered by DeepL Pro, a neural machine translation service that historically performs 3 times better than its competitors.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Every translation, once completed, is run through several quality assurance processes that evaluate the accuracy and grammaticality of the target texts. We are so confident you will be satisfied with our services that we offer a Satisfaction/Confidentiality Guarantee for every project.



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