How We Translate

The Honyaku Cloud translation process starts the moment you upload your material.

One of our in-house Project Managers reviews your files and, if necessary, follows up with any questions. We run a free AI analysis of your text to assess any redundant expressions or segments stored on your Honyaku Cloud translation memory. Using this analysis, we generate an official quotation that we send to you free of charge within 24 hours. Get your team the information they need to make a decision fast! Once you approve the quote, our professional translators get started, aided by the world’s most advanced translation tools like Memsource and DeepL.

Every single translation is reviewed by 3 professional translators

1. Lead Translator

The Lead Translator does the initial translation. Once a first draft is complete, it goes to the...

2. Proofreader

The Proofreader offers a valuable second set of eyes and helps with any tricky bits. After the Lead Translator confirms any revisions suggested by the Proofreader, the finished product is sent to the...

3. Project Manager (QA)

Our specialist Project Managers perform the final quality assurance check to make sure everything is ready to be delivered to you!

All Revisions Stored to Inform Future Translations

After you receive the file, you can provide feedback and ask for revisions free of charge as part of our satisfaction guarantee. The final product is stored in your translation memory, informing future translations and making sure you receive a discount on similar future translations. Never pay twice for a translation!  Read more about how we save you money here.

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